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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

TAS Super Mario Bros., quad play.

I primarily wanted to use this post to introduce you all to the wonderful world of TAS. The above video was the best example I could find. (You might wanna turn off the sound, it's irritating listening to four games at once.)

So what, you might ask, is TAS? Otherwise known as Tool-Assisted Speedruns, TAS is a branch of video game speedplaying whereby players use a combination of slow motion, save states, glitches and probability exploits to create perfect speedruns of video games. The end result, after months of playing a game super, SUPER slow, is typically quite ridiculous to watch - Super Mario Bros. on there, for example, is beaten in about six minutes and thirty seconds. Yeesh.

There are plenty more TAS videos out there, as well, of many and sundry games (and not just the 2D variety). Check 'em out at if you enjoy watching players beat the snot out of video games.

One last thing: I know a lot of 'proper' speedrun players don't care for TAS videos, thinking they're a big cheat. Might be true, that, but I still like watchin' 'em, so PFFFFT

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